Previous Projects


Site Specific Play/Community Participation Project: Northern Big Board – a play written to be performed in Shipley Swimming Pool. Commissioned by Chol Theatre and Co produced by SlungLow Northern Big Board was a magical play about water demons, a fear of heights, hope and taking leaps of faith.  It was performed in the swimming pool by a professional and community cast made up of pool users including Bradford Espirt Diving Club. Side by side with the play Hannah Nicklin collected stories from the users and staff and created beautiful instillations all around the venue.  We also had an on going Leap Off Friday participation event where anyone who had ever wanted to get off the 5M board at the pool (but had been too frightened to try) could come down and get help from professionals... The whole event culminated in the Northern Big Board ‘Gala Day’ on 18th November at Shipley Pool. Swimming Pools are our municipal secular cathedrals;Northern Big Board set out to celebrate the diverse and wonderful people who use them. Slung Low's images of the day. A review from Culture Vulture  and another here from Fabric.

Radioplay: A Fresh Start - Part of 15 Minutes Live - 2
My 2nd Radioplay commission for Slung Low, was recorded in front of a live audience at Leeds Town Hall in September

Play / Gaming: You: The Player 
Commissioned by West Yorkshire PlayhousePart of WYP’s Transform 12 Season. Fri 27 and Sat 28 April 2012… Creating an interactive adventure for audiences to play in the maze of corridors, workshops and hidden rooms that are West Yorkshire Playhouse, in collaboration with Look Left Look Right and fellow writers Wayne LetticeLorna PoustieEamon Rooney and Tajinder Singh Hayer.
You: The player trailer

Radio Play: Angels and Aliens - Part of 15 Minutes Live - 1
Directed by Alan Lane
Co-Commissioned by I Love West Leeds Arts Festival and Slung Low Nov 2011. 6 writers (Alice Nutter, Aisha Khan, Ben Tagoe, Rommi Smith, Boff Whalley and myself) wrote a 15-minute radio play each. The stories were all set in Leeds and were recorded in front of a live audience. The recording was distributed to West Leeds residents and is downloadable / streamable for free here:

 ‘Angels and Aliens’ is about two lonely souls – a science fiction obsessed Polish boy and a bigoted elderly Armley Man who both share a love of the night sky. A misunderstanding when stargazing offers the chance for an unlikely but life changing friendship. 
4 stars from the Yorkshire Post “Emma Adams’ typically ambitious story, Angels and Aliens… Achingly beautiful. Poignant and funny, it was a joy.” 

Play: Ugly
Directed by Rod Dixon
Published by Oberon Modern Plays Sept 2010.  
A dark comedy set in a future where food and water are dangerously scarce.  A tale of four people who may have to kill their angels and become more like their devils if they are going to survive. Produced by Red Ladder Theatre CompanyToured Autumn 2010
5 stars from Dig Yorkshire “Relentlessly bleak and devastatingly funny"

Play: Forgotten Things
Directed by Rod Dixon and John Barber
Short-listed for the 18th Meyer-Whitworth Award for playwriting 2009.

An intergenerational dark comedy / surreal tragedy, about a family’s battle to hold onto hope in the face of teen depression, parental disappointment and grandma's disappearance into dementia. Produced by Red Ladder Theatre Company – UK tour Autumn 2008 /Edinburgh Fringe August 2009 / Retoured UK Autumn 2009.
5 stars Edinburgh Fringe “Clever, thoughtful and poignant!”
4 stars Three Weeks “Nothing is forgotten after viewing this fantastically dark production.”

Radio Play: The Silver Hammer Gated Community Radio Hour
2 x 30 minute episodes. Produced for Interplay. Broadcast on ‘I Love West Leeds Festival Radio’ 2007.

Play: For Sale. 
Produced by The Silver Hammer Spring 2007
A site-specific surreal black comedy / horror musical written for a house in Bradford. Alex is struggling to sell her terrace.  Things are complicated by the fact that her estate agent has fallen in love with her.  She would like to reciprocate but first she has to deal with a secret that lies in the attic... Alex thinks she has everything covered but as a new house viewing begins, the attic door gets unwittingly opened…

Short Play: A Decision
Produced by Practicum Theatre in London at Theatre 503 as part of their - Breaking News: Rachel Corrie – event.  - May 2006.


Play/Performance: Freakoid - a co commission with Ovalhouse, London.

Freakoid ran at the Ovalhouse between 19th Feb and 9th March 2013 as part of Ovalhouse's Counter Culture 50 Season. It has been nominated for an Offie (Off West End Theatre Award' for 'Most Promising New Playwright'.

Following on from the Mauve New World development process begun in summer 2012 (commissioned by  Ovalhouse, London, Pink Fringe and TheNightingale, Brighton) Freakoid has been developed further and is now a co commission with Ovalhouse. The play is coming to the studio between Feb 19th - March 9th 2013.  This piece of work explores what personhood is / may become in the future once our dabblings in synthetic biology have played out... The story asks what makes a person? Who gets to decide who has person hood and how come we find it so easy to turn people we don't understand into things that are less than human?.. Part musical / part philosophical dialogue and part interactive experience, Freakoid tells the story of a frightened, middle aged woman called Emma, who (having taken up the innocent hobby of genealogy) discovers her great grandparents were not quite as fully human as the authorities (or she) would like. In fact one was part ZX Spectrum and the other was a sentient vacuum cleaner. Both were revolutionary activists fighting for the right to declare their personhood. Perhaps unsurprisingly she discovers it didn't end so well for them... But when Emma's interest in genealogy is discovered she has to decide whether she's going to hide the truth or fight for the rights of biobots to be finally allowed full personhood. In the process, she might just start to like herself and live!

Freakoid 1 
Part of Mauve New World – Commissioned by  Ovalhouse, London, Pink Fringe and TheNightingale, Brighton – This piece of work explores the idea of ‘Queer Futures’. A futuristic musical / political dialogue/ interactive story experience about a woman who discovers she is ineligible for love because her grandparents were a ZX Spectrum and a Commodore 64. Performances take place at Ovalhouse 21 – 23 June + Nightingale 20-21 July.

Hope Beats Fear 3 -2- 1
Commissioned by Forest Fringe for the Edgelands Flash Conference at Forest Café, Edinburgh on Sunday 21st of August 2011. I was asked to create a provocation for one of the four discussions of the day.  My question was ‘How do we stop making capitalism?’ That’s a big question! Read my response here

Memoir / Mass flipbook experience
Leaping To Conclusions – A Tribute to John Keats. Commissioned by The Keats House Festival for the ‘Ever yours affectionately my dearest. J.K.’ Closing Concert and Reading 5th of June 2011. I contributed this piece alongside writers: Valeria Bloom, Simon Mole, Carol Ohemaa, Raymond Antrobus, Nick Field, HKB FiNN and Fleur AdcockLeaping To Conclusions is part memoir, part exploration of the inspirations that fired Keats and part record of an ill judged decision on my part to perform a low risk stunt at Shipley Swimming Pool near Bradford.  The piece explores the links between fear and love. See the text and digital version of the flipbook here

Little Gems – Part of the Ionian Enchantment at ‘Transform’
Commissioned by Peepolykus  performed at West Yorkshire Playhouse 16 June 2011. Little Gems was a strand of work exploring the wonder of science.  Working with Director Hannah Quigley and a team of actors we came together to explore / and then make a performance in just 8 hours from the starting question ‘There is all this unknown ‘stuff’ about science – so how do we cope with that?’